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Dear 2016, Ya Did Good! Canada, Tahoe, Napa Valley

When I started to think about what I should make my first blog post about, the idea of writing a 2016 travel recap sounded like a winner! I had some AMAZING trips in 2016, and made so many incredible memories I'll never forget. Also, IT WAS MY FIRST TIME TRAVELING OUTSIDE OF THE US!!! (albeit, only 1,000 from home) but, it created a landmark in my life!

2016 was a great travel year for me. I traveled to a new a new country, went on a cross-country road trip, wandered through new cities and small towns (yay! I grew up in a super small town in Minnesota), and switched it up by doing lots of traveling via boat. WOOT!

In my recap, I will talk about three of my favorite places I visited in 2016. I based my picks on landscape, lodging, and liveliness (awesome activities!!). My first travel pick is Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada. I traveled here in early July; just a quick, three hour flight from Minneapolis. For the next several days I would be staying at one of the world's most beautiful resorts: Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise! The Chateau was like staying in a magical castle, with its enchanting rooms, halls, and breathtaking views.

My room had a prime view of Lake Louise; the windows looked like paintings.

There were so many great activities in and around the resort. Some of my favorites were hiking, spelunking, and white water rafting!!! (Shirt link is in photo below)

Shirt: Alp N Rock

My next pick for 2016 dot dot...TAHOE! I went on a cross-country road trip this summer from Denver, Colorado to San Francisco, California. Because, I mean, who doesn't have a road trip on their bucket list?! Lake Tahoe offered beautiful landscapes, cute bars and restaurants, and lots of adventure!!!

If you love lake life, this place should definitely be in your travel agenda this year. Not to mention, some super cute beaches!

Speedboat Beach

Speedboat Beach

I stayed at the Ritz-Carlton, which is on the North side of the lake. It was a majestic resort, nestled into the mountains that offered an oh-so cozy atmosphere.

Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe

I was able to grab a ski lift right next to the resort to do some hiking. There's mountain biking offered in the summer, and fantastic skiing if you're planning a winter getaway... which is exactly what I would love to do! :-)

My FINAL PICK for 2016 is........ Napa Valley, California!!! WINE COUNTRY! If you ever get the itch to travel to Napa, there's an absolutely stunning resort right in the heart of the valley that offers a true, wine country experience. The Carneros Resort makes your stay luxurious, relaxing, and FUN! You never HAVE to leave the resort, because they offer a complete experience on site...

Carneros Resort

And, you get to stay in the cutest little bungalows that allow for complete privacy and an unforgettable experience :-)

Carneros Resort

Every morning started with a sunrise hot tub, tasty breakfast, and a bicycle ride through the valley. The bicycles were too perfect, just like the rest of the resort, it just could not get any better at Carneros!

The hot tub was adjacent to the cutest farm, which was home to a few friendly cows that enjoyed spending their morning with me :-)

Carneros Resort

2016 was full of FUN travel experiences and I'm so happy I get to share them with you! I saw so many new places and learned a ton about traveling. The most important thing I learned was... TRY IT! Try it, you might like it!!! There were so many new experiences I tried in 2016 that I made myself do, and ended up making great memories I will never ever forget. Thanks 2016... here's to 2017, because you're looking REALLY good, too.

I will be traveling to Grand Cayman this weekend!!!!! So, watch out for some upcoming posts. Catch ya later!

-Golden Girl

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