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Cayman Lemonade

Hello, golden girls and guys! Well, I'm finally back from Grand Cayman (sigh) but am SO FREAKING excited to share some adventures, hot spots, and great eats with all of ya'll. So, I guess I'll start from the beginning... what I loved about traveling to Grand Cayman was that it was a "quick," four and a half-hour direct flight there via Delta Airlines. A few mimosas, a movie, and before I knew it, there I was in GRAND CAYMAN! Next stop: The Westin Grand Cayman on Seven Mile Beach.

The Westin just went under some major renovations on the main floor, offering a refreshing and beautiful main lobby and bar area. In my opinion, The Westin has the best pool and beach layout, offering a great view of the ocean from anywhere your beach bum lands :D

I was also a fan of their "pods," which were lined right along the beach, just steps away from the pool... just gotta watch out for those tan lines ;-)

My mornings started bright and early with a trip to the gym (pretty standard gym located on the first floor), coffee + banana, and then crashing on a pool chair (or pod) for the afternoon where I found myself writing and daydreaming... until I started to feel my skin tingling under the hot rays of the sun. The weather was just FANTASTIC! A few days were a little windy, but honestly, the breeze soothed my warm skin.

So, enough about the pool, let's talk about my first ADVENTURE! I hopped on a Red Sail Sports sailboat the second day, and headed out to Stingray City. (I highly recommend Red Sail for this trip! They were very fun and knowledgable.) First stop: playing with the stingrays!! Was I scared? Hell yeah!! But, it was the most memorable part of my trip, so cheers to me for sucking it up ;-)

The Red Sail crew helped me get comfortable with a big mama stingray... we ended up cuddling and I even gave her a salty smooch :D A couple miles away from the stingrays, we stopped by a large reef to go snorkeling. I'm SO SAD I forgot to bring my underwater case to take photos, because it was GREAT snorkeling, and I got to see loads of fish and some beautiful coral!! It was seriously straight out of Little Mermaid, and I had SO much fun.

Okay, SO... I've told you about where I stayed, what I did... now it's time to talk about where I ATE :D ...and drank (obviously). Although I love, love, loved the bar at The Westin pool, and spent most of my afternoons and nights there, I fell in love with a bar just a 15 minute walk down the beach.

The Kimpton Seafire + Resort is a brand new hotel on the island that opened about a month ago. I am for SURE going to stay there next time I come to Cayman! The architecture and design was breathtaking and FUN. I was so obsessed with their beachside bar/restaurant (Coccoloba, Mexican/Caribbean fusion cuisine) that I found myself there almost every night. Their piña colodas are TO DIE for. The main restaurant, Ave, also offered an enchanting dining experience with some unique seafood options you can't just find anywhere...

Alright folks, if you're still with me, thank you. I know it's a lot to take in. But... I was at Cayman for a whole week, and I still have more adventure I could share with you! However, your eyes might be as exhausted as my fingers by now, so it's time to blow this popsicle stand. Feel free to reach out with any questions you might have by heading to my contact page! And, also be sure to stay tuned for my next travel blog I'm oh so excited to create!! I'll be traveling to FORT MEYERS beach this weekend, and can guarantee some cool stuff. Signing off now.......

-Golden Girl

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