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Na, Na, Nantucket

Greetings, golden travelers! I bring to you, a great blog post about (possibly) my favorite place I've traveled to EVER! Yes. You read me right, I think Nantucket is one of the most magical places in the United States, and if you ever get a chance to go there... GO! No questions asked. Now let me tell you why...

Nantucket is a small island about 30 miles south from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The only downfall about Nantucket is that it is (kind of) a betch to get to... but, that's what makes for a great adventure, right?! Still, tons of people flood to the island for a destination summer spot, and there are multiple ways you can reach the island. If you choose to fly in, you'll be able to be instantly impressed with the oh-so-cute Nantucket Airport... which just happens to match the entirety of the island's breathtaking architecture.

One thing that I adore about Nantucket is its rich American history. There's something about traveling to a place that is so historic and has sooo much character. In fact, it has so much character that The National Park Service designated Nantucket as a National Historic Landmark District... calling it the "finest surviving architectural and environmental example of a late 18th- and early 19th-century New England seaport town.

Nantucket is noted for its unpainted cedar-shingled buildings, many surrounded by manicured hedges and privets. I was lucky enough to stay at a friend's condo, which was actually part of a historic mansion right downtown, that was sectioned off into a handful of units. Just ten steps past the back door and I was on Main Street... The cobblestoned streets of the town are lined with restaurants, high-end boutiques and steepled churches. You already know this golden girl just so happened to find the most AMAZING eats, treats, and shopping gems.

My magnificent Nantucket style quarters for the weekend 😍 ...yes, I really did drink rosé nonstop that weekend lol.

If you're looking for a solid restaurant for either lunch or dinner, I suggest heading down to the marina and checking out Cru. Not only are you right on the water among grand sailboats and yachts, it's the perfect place to people watch as visitors come and go from the huge ferry boats. Grab a fresh lobster roll and some sparkling rosé! You really can't get any more Nantucket feels than those at Cru... you truly will not be disappointed.

Cru's decor is like classic New England elegance with a splash of sailor spirit ⚓️

Don't forget to order something sweet to pair with your glass of rosé 😉

If I wasn't at Cru, you could most likely find me at The Gally Beach restaurant. Take a short drive out of Main Street, and you can find this gem of a restaurant right on the beach. There's nothing better than sinking your toes in the sand with a glass of champagne in your hand on a hot summer day at The Gally 😍 Once the sun sinks past the ocean, head inside and enjoy a top notch dinner featuring some exceptional seafood, such as their tender and juicy swordfish, that you won't be able to find just anywhere.

The Galley Beach restaurant has the best outdoor seating, with fireplaces and cabanas, nestled right on the beach for a fantastic ocean view 😍

Looking for a great day-drinking party? The Gally can def fix you up with that 😉

After you're five star dinner at The Gally, head back to Main Street and grab a drink at Cab Car. Their strong drinks, cozy (tiny) atmosphere, and piano player will keep you entertained alllllll night! In the morning, stroll through the streets and find a cute coffee joint, like The Bean, and then get your shopping pants on! Out of all the places I've been traveling, I can safely say Nantucket is my FAVORITE 😍 my suitcase and carry-on was so overflowing by the time I headed home that I felt like a crazy person 😂 Here's some stores you HAVE to check out...

Jack Wills is a British clothing brand, with some strong East Coast vibes. Their dresses were too cute, and I was also a fan of their sweaters and super cozy cute loungewear 😋

Ralph Lauren Nantucket is... the mother ship of Main Street! I'll give you this warning, you will not be able to enter without coming out shopping bag free 😱

My 'lil baby Ralph purse I found that will be PERFECT for my fall wardrobe!

After you hit Ralph, walk down the street and around the corner to the biggest, brightest Lilly Pulitzer store I've ever seen! If you don't have any luck there (unlikely) head over to their sister store, SHIFT. I may or may not have left with every single dress in Shift... it's just SO. GOOD! All these stores have the best East Coast prep, cute, comfy clothing I've ever found.

One of the 20 dresses I found at Shift 😄 Designed by: Mahi Gold, 📸 by: Laura Rae Photography 💙

Oh, make sure to bring some good walking shoes, since you'll be walking on cobblestone and it's not really the most comfortable thing to walk on. Once you've felt like you've explored Main Street enough, rent a bike and get ready to explore the rest of the island. Nantucket looks like a small island from the sky, but there's sooo much to see and travel to! So many areas outside of town that not everyone goes to, but you SHOULD! Because... that's what adventure lovers do 😜

Apparently, I was the newest lifeguard on duty this day 😎

Millie's is named after ‘Madaket Millie’ Jewett who was an island legend and spent her life caring for the beaches, the animals and the people of Madaket.

ALLLL the way on the East side of the island, you'll find Siasconset, or more commonly referred to as plainly, "Sconset". Siasconset is an adorable area on Nantucket that you can either spend part of the day visiting, or an entire weekend. The village center consists of Post Office Square, a roundabout on which you can see the post office, Sconset Café, Claudette's Sandwiches, the Siasconset Market, and the tennis courts of the Siasconset Casino. To the right of Claudette's is the road to the beach.

The famous Summer House Resort is in Siasconset, and has a great location right on the beach. Unfortunately, it wasn't open for the season while I was there, but it was still fun exploring the unique property.

The infamous Summer House Restaurant.

Daydreaming about this place filled with visitors and excitement 😌

The pool wasn't quite ready to jump into yet... especially on this 65 degree day 😮

Seeing another person on the beach can be hard sometimes... Just your typical Nantucket beach photo 🙃

Soooo this might be kind of an informational overload... but hey, it might come in handy for you one day when you make it to this extraordinary place. And, per usual, I couldn't even fit everything I wanted to in here, damnit! 😩 Haha... I hope you had a good time checking out Nantucket, and if you ever have any questions, just give me a holler. That's all for now, folks... I hope you enjoy your weekend! Pretty sure I'm craving a glass of rosé and a lobster roll right about now... ciao! ✌️

-Golden Girl

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