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Paris? Oui, s'il vous plaît!

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Bonjour! As you might know, I had the pleasure of visiting Paris very recently, and it was just a DREAM 😍 Paris was everything I thought it would be and MORE.. what?! Yes! Funny thing is, I had no idea up until about a week before I left home that Fashion Week would be going on (SCORE!) ...good thing I booked my hotel early and made some dinner rezzy's because the city was on fire 💃🏼🕺🏻

Standing on top of the Arc De Triomphe, overlooking the city.

Grab a map or two from your hotel, you'll really want one!

When To Go...

Personally, I loved going to Paris in September, and there's a couple reasons why. One, the weather is very mild... if you're into wearing light sweaters or jackets on beautiful sunny days, this is the time to go. That said, one day it rained in the morning and another day was about 80 degrees while I was there, so you want to pack some shorts and an umbrella just in case. Reason two... the lines at the museums are WAY shorter! I think everyone can appreciate that 😉

Walking through the park, right next to my hotel along Avenue Des Champs-Élysées.

Stay Here...

I decided to go all out and stay at the Hôtel de Crillon, and I was completely blown away by my experience. Not only is it a great hotel because it's centrally located between shopping and sight-seeing, but I honestly could have stayed inside this magical palace all week and have been completely content 😂 LOL... (kind of kidding).

Before the Crillons came into the picture, Queen Marie Antoinette frequented the mansion for her piano lessons — until 1793, when she was guillotined right outside on Place de la Concorde 😱

Once you arrive at Hôtel de Crillon, your personal butler will take care of your every need, while you saunter around this historic building attending tea time in the Tea Room and specialty cocktails in the chandelier bar. The hotel just want through a major renovation, and staff are very proud of their hotel, as they should be!

This is actually quite a large room for a hotel in Paris. Plus, his and her closets will most definitely come in handy 😉

Or you can just live in the hotel bathrooms LOL 😍

Even if you aren't staying at the Hôtel de Crillon, its Brasseirie D'Aumont is a fantastic spot for breakfast. They have the BEST scrambled eggs I have ever had in my life (probably because they add lots of butter and milk 😋) Another reason I love Paris is because you get lots of tasty bread with EVERY meal!

You'll probably run into a celeb or two while you stay here... since it was fashion week, I was pretty sure I would see someone that would make me starstruck... it just happened to be Victoria's Secret Angel, Sara Sampaio 😃

Eat & Drink This...

There are SO many good places! For the sake of your time I'll give you my fave lunch and dinner spots. First stop: lunch at Hôtel Costes. Not only do they have an amazing atmosphere in their courtyard restaurant, it's GREAT people watching! Order a salad or sandwich and some pom frites, sit back, and enjoy the show.

My dinner recommendation is Les 110 de Taillevent, a small, cozy and hip restaurant. They specialize in wine, and offer 110 wines by the glass that pair with your dinner selections. Don't worry if you're not a wine connoisseur, the staff all speak English and would be more than happy to give you several suggestions. My entire meal was out of this world! Especially the vol au vent, which is puff pastry stuffed with poultry, lamb, and crayfish 😱

Ready for a night cap? I LOVED the bar at Hôtel de Crillon... the entire ceiling had painted murals and lovely crystal chandeliers that gave me my full-on Parisian experience I was looking for. Plus, it was by far the best martini I've ever had.. not sure what to order? The bartender would be happy to whip up a custom cocktail for you! Another fun restaurant/club is Yeeels. This restaurant slowly turns into a club throughout the night... how can you beat that?? You can easily make a dinner reservation on their web site (score!).

(Hôtel de Crillon) This photo speaks for itself... by happy hour, this place is crawling.

(Yeeels) After dinner, walk a few steps over to the bar... people start filing in around 11 o'clock and just don't stop.


Other than eating and drinking, you'll want to see some of the famous museums and structures that have called Paris their home for centuries. I decided to purchase a Museum Pass before I left, and had it delivered to my hotel when I arrived! Honestly... it was an okay idea, I think I liked the map on the pass the best. It did save me time once, because it offers a "fast pass lane" at many places. I think it would be really worth it if you went during "high season," but I found it mildly worth it. They cost 48 euros plus shipping.

Buy your museum pass here:

You should really try to see as many museums as you can, looking back it's so worth it... just remember to wear some comfy boots or shoes!

Musée du Louvre, Musée d'Orsay, and The Arc de Triomphe.

Between sight seeing, take a break and hang out at a bridge over the Seine River. Another hot spot I found was the Tuileries Garden... there's a fountain in the center of the park surrounded with chairs, if you're lucky enough to find an open spot, take a seat and people watch for a while 😃

Sitting along the Seine River... watching the many river boats pass along.

This people watching at its finest 👌 I wasn't lucky enough to find an open spot... hopefully next time!

Travel Tips

1. Pack lots of layers

2. Don't pack too much, because you'll probably go shopping

3. Take a crash course in French lingo (hello, thank you, goodbye, good night, etc...)

4. Take LOTS of photos! Don't forget to pack your camera

5. Push through the jet lag... even though you feel like you could take a nap at any minute, drink lots of coffee so you can see as much as you can!

Well, that's all I have time for today folks... I could go on and on, but I think I covered all the really good stuff. Plus, you'll probs want to do tons of stuff I never had time to, anyway! That said, I DO have more things on my list that I'm saving for next time... I hope I see you again soon, Paris. You are one gem of a City, I thank you for having me. Au Revoir!

-Golden Girl

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