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Cruisin' for an Adventure

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This week, I decided to write a post about a travel goal I have, rather than a travel guide to where I've been. I have a whole slew of places in this world that I would (am going to đŸ€ž) love to explore. One thing in particular I'd love to do but never have is gone on a cruise (other than taking our own boat 😉). Cruises are an awesome way to travel to many different places all in one trip! You are essentially on a floating hotel...

Azamara Club Cruises' newest ship is very impressive, the Azamara Pursuit.

Traveling by plane is fast and efficient, but traveling on a boat is something people have been doing for so long, and you get to see a different perspective of the land while you're cruising. Another reason I think cruises are great: you experience one place, but swiftly move onto the next fun thing. Plus, many cruise lines set up the best activities for you to do at each place you visit on your itinerary. There are two cruises I am going to share with you today that are on the top of my list! Here we go...

1. Greek Isles

I couldn't think of any other way I'd want to explore this area of the world...

There are the bright blue shutters on the white houses of Mykonos, the humble seafront village that has become a magnet for models, magnates and Formula One drivers.

This cruise starts in Greece and travels up the coast of Italy. It includes some areas I am dying to see right now: Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, and Amalfi. It's directed by Azamara Club Cruises, and includes 8 days of pure adventure.

When I mentioned it's like you're on your own floating hotel, I wasn't kidding. The rooms on this ship are gorgeous, and the views you get when you're either out at sea or docked are unmatched by most hotels you could stay at. Packages start at $4,599.

2. Alaska's Inside Passage

What makes this cruise so different from others is the scenery and wildlife you get to see while you're cruising. A lot of cruises give you a view of vast, open water when you're going from point A to point B. The Inside Passage gives you up close and personal views of the land, in fact, in some areas you're only maybe 100 feet away from seeing whales, dolphins, moose, bears, and other wild creatures!

The Inside Passage winds through a fjord-like maze of snowcapped mountains and emerald islands.

Viking Cruises offers a fantastic Inside Passage cruise, and was rated top 3 by Conde Nast Traveler for cruise lines. This journey starts in Vancouver, Canada (love this city! I would try to arrive a day or two early just to spend some time here again). Packages start at $4,399.

Viking's Inside Passage is 11 days long and offers 7 guided tours.

The Inside Passage cruise offers more a more physically challenging itinerary of activities. One that stuck out to me was kayaking through glacial caves and hiking the face of the Valdez Glacier.

If this doesn't look like an adventure, I don't know what does! 😍

Viking also offers a helicopter cruise of the glaciers if that's more your cup of tea 😉

Well, I hope I opened your eyes to the world of ocean cruises! I think there's a stereotype that they're designed for retired couples, but they really do offer tons of adventurous activities to get your heart racing and your mind blown. I'm really hoping GG can cross off one of these cruises on her travel list next year! Cruise ships offer a great way to travel with lots of friends and family. If you book out your cruise early enough, they offer solid deals that make it a lot more affordable. That's all for now ✌ have a golden weekend, peeps!

-Golden Girl

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