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Golden Girl's Travel Gift Guide

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If you're like me, a tad bit of inspiration is very useful when it comes to gift giving. Although nothing is wrong with "the gift card", there's something fun and exciting about hand-selecting the perfect gift for your loved one. I decided to put together the perfect holiday gift guide for the globe-trotting travel blogger or jet setter in your life ✈️ ...Let's go! (You can click on the photo or the "shop now" icon to link each item).

1. Pocket Size Camera ($399)

This Canon camera might be small, but it packs in MAJOR power! And it fits in your pocket! With 20.2 megapixels (whoa!), special low-light capabilities, and some great zoom power, you can capture professional quality images while traveling the world. Plus, it's on sale now 😍 and totally Golden Girl Approved! SHOP NOW

2. Mini Flexible Tripod ($13)

This gift is a MUST for your blogger friend that needs to get that "shot" when they're flying solo. It works with any camera AND comes with a phone adapter! Sweet! Amazon's got your back on this killer steal 👍 SHOP NOW

3. Drone ($1,500)

Because who doesn't want a remote-controlled, pilotless aircraft following them around and taking photos? There are TONS of drones out there, and you can find a much less expensive one... but, this is the ultimate, top-of-the-line, all-new DJI Phantom 4 camera. SHOP NOW

4. Adapter Kit ($29)

Soo I might be putting this on the list because I failed to pack one of these when I traveled to Europe this past fall, and ended up being more stressed out than I should have! Truly a life saver. Thank you, Apple, you do best! Oh, wait... no, YOU'RE the best when you give this amazing little box as Christmas gift to one of your pals. SHOP NOW

5. Cute Cosmetic Bag ($59)

I looove this cosmetic bag from Pottery Barn, because it's so cute! And, you can hang it up in your bathroom! AND, you can even personalize it by having it monogrammed. Wow, if that's not a perfect jet setter gift, I'm not sure what is. SHOP NOW

6. Travel Jewelry Case ($59)

This is a gift that you might not think of off the top of your head, but it is SO handy! I found this case on Mark and Graham's online store, and thought it was adorable. And once again, you can't go wrong with a personalized, monogrammed gift for Christmas! It comes in three different colors. SHOP NOW

7. Travel Makeup Palette ($95)

Is is just me, or do you feel like a grungy little human when you get off the plane? Chanel was absolutely genius for coming out with this beautiful, all-in-one makeup palette! This CoCo gift is guaranteed to put a smile on any of your glam globe trotting friends 😘

8. Travel Skincare Set ($29)

What is it about airplane air that just sucks the life right out of your skin? Ehh! Well, now you can give the gift of hydration with this vacation skincare travel set from Tarte (available at Sephora!) This set comes with cleansing gel, boosting mist, hydrating moisturizer, and under eye rescue patches. Wahoo! SHOP NOW

9. Carry On Tote ($180)

I got this Ralph Lauren tote to use as my carry on tote (I still use carry on luggage as well) this year, and I am obsessed with it! It fits my laptop, magazines, makeup bag, plus tons of other goodies I can't travel without. It's on sale right now at Macy's just in time for Christmas! SHOP NOW

10. Facials and Massages! (Up to You, Santa $$$)

This is definitely going on Golden Girl's Christmas list this year! I just love getting a great, relaxing facial or massage after I get home from a trip. Many spas run sales during the holiday season, so it shouldn't be hard to find the perfect place to pamper your loved one.

Even if you aren't traveling most days out of the year than not, these are great gifts that your loved ones can use and hold onto for a long time. I hope this helps if you're like me and still haven't quite checked off everyone on your Christmas list 😉 I hope your holiday season has been nothing but joyful, that's all for now!

-Golden Girl

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