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Food Travel Guide: Paris

Bonjour! Since it's Paris Fashion Week, I thought it was only appropriate to write my next food travel guide about this lovely city. Paris is one of my absolute favorite places I've ever traveled to. Not only is the wine fantastic, but there are so many incredible restaurants serving up classic Parisian dishes...

That said, it can be kind of overwhelming figuring out where to go when you get there! So, if you're looking for some foodie tips, try these 5 restaurants that I have chosen as my ultimate Paris favorites. *Reservations in advance suggested!*

There's nothing better than waking up in Paris...unless you're waking up and going to Brasserie d'Aumont for breakfast. Last fall when I was in Paris, I stayed at the Hotel de Crillon and fell in love with their brasserie. The hotel just finished their complete renovation not too long ago, and have completely outdone themselves in its decor.

Brasserie d'Aumont is tucked away at the end of the grand hallway on the main level of the hotel. The restaurant is quite small and charming. There is a bar in the center, which is filled to the brim in the morning with fresh loaves of bread, croissants and unique French pastries.

My favorite breakfast is the American, including the scrambled eggs (peep my photo!), crispy bacon, fruit salad, a fresh croissant and coffee. The restaurant staff is so nice, and the restaurant is so homey, you will not want to leave.

Next stop: the hottest spot in the city for a light lunch. Don't be surprised if you run into some celebrities at Hotel Costes' restaurant & terrace located centrally on the main floor of the hotel. It is a people watching haven just as much as a fine dining experience.

For lunch, try the club sandwich and pom frites (so thin, crispy, and yummy!) and a salad such as the tuna nicoise. When the sun goes down, and you're feeling like having a few cocktails and putting on your dancing can return to the bar/lounge which features a hip DJ almost every night of the week. Super fun!

3. LiLi

Now, onto dinner. You probably don't think of Asian cuisine right away when you think about Paris, but LiLi in the Peninsula Hotel serves the best Chinese food I have ever (EVER) had. The restaurant itself will astound you. As you walk in, the beautiful Chinese and French style decor will take your breath away, as you make your way into the grand dining room. Take a seat at a large round table with a glass, rotating table in the center, which makes your meal easy to share.

Pro tip: stop by the rooftop bar before your reservation for a pre-dinner cocktail, and a marvelous aerial view of the city.

Some of my favorite dishes were: roasted duck, kung pao chicken, wok-fried beef, and the fried rice (as funny as it may seem) is outstanding! Save room for a cute little dessert like the crispy sesame pearls filled with custard.

Another solid dinner choice, but also great for lunch... When I was in Paris this past January, we had the most memorable French dinner at D'Chez Eux, just around the corner from my favorite park--Champ de Mars. If you're in Paris and want to experience an absolutely authentic French dining experience, this is definitely the place to come. The red checkered table clothes might look "cliche" but I guarantee you this place is always filled with locals as it is tourists.

One of their specialties, and I've never seen this before, is their side dish cart (I included a photo below). Basically, they will wheel out an entire cart of side dishes for you to share among your table, and they are all SO GOOD. You might also want to try their chicken (which comes whole, but they will cut you your own portion) and their steak is outstanding. I wasn't able to save room for dessert, but those looked super as well.

After lunch or dinner, take a romantic stroll around the park... how perfect is that!

In the mood for an exciting dinner experience? So, I also came to Yeeels when I was in Paris (last fall) and had such an interesting evening! Yeeels is not only a great French restaurant, it is also a nightlife hot spot in the city. I made our dinner reservation (be sure to make one in advance!) for 8:30, and we were among the first guests in the place. When we left Yeeels around 12:30 that night, the restaurant was packed! Welcome to Paris, right? Lol.

For dinner, I highly recommend the tuna tartare and also the truffle pasta... I still have dreams about that meal, yummy! Once you wrap up with dinner, take a stroll over to the bar, enjoy some cocktails, and get ready for some first-class people watching. Yeeels is such a fun spot, I would recommend coming here on a Friday night for sure!

I hope you enjoyed my 2nd Food Travel Guide, and that it is or will be useful for you some day. I just cannot get enough of Paris, it really is an overall extraordinary city. If you ever get a chance to go there (or go back) DO IT. On that note, it's time to plan my next trip there (a girl can wish, right?) Au revoir!

-Golden Girl

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