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Bucket List Check: Miami's Museum of Ice Cream

I had the pleasure of going to the oh-so wild and exciting Museum of Ice Cream in Miami last month! Okay, to be honest I had never even heard of this place until I was planning on meeting my friend, Lauren, down in South Beach and she begged me to go with her! I told her, "Yeah, duh! I'll try anything twice lol." So, before I knew it, she had purchased two tickets for us (tickets are $38 and sell out fast for certain days. They are for purchase online ONLY!)

The Miami Museum of Ice Cream is located in South Beach. The address is 3400 Collins Ave.

Now I was thinking, what IS this place?! Museum of... Ice Cream? Don't get me wrong, I'm a lifelong ice cream lover, but why would my friend be so adamant on visiting this place? What makes it so special? I decided to wait until I got there to find out...

I am writing this post to give you a short rundown of the place, some helpful information, and lots of FUN photos that my lovely friend Lauren took while on our adventure through the museum together. On that note, the museum totally encourages photography, and there are lots of opportunities throughout your tour for some photo-ops, so remember to bring your camera!

ALERT: I just found out that this location will be closing it's doors on May 13, so if you're having any inclination of going, the time is NOW! However, if your calendar doesn't allow it, don't fret... there will be more locations opening soon.

Let's get this show on the road! The entire tour of the museum takes about one hour. Make sure to have your ticketsready when you arrive. Once you get there, you'll walk through an the entrance that features an art installation that is filled with more ice cream facts than you'll know what to do with.

You'll make your way up to the first stop, which is pretty quick: the ice cream fortune teller. You and a few other guests will stand around a "sprinkle desk" as you get your fortune read by her. From there, you'll move into the room next door, which is home to the famous Sprinkle Pool!!!

Fun Fact: there are 100 million sprinkles in the Sprinkle Pool. They are made out of antimicrobial plastics that are cleaned by the MOIC staff frequently. I still don't recommend trying to eat them 😉

Take your shoes off, and dip your toes, feet, or entire body into the Sprinkle Pool. It's honestly such an odd experience, hah! But, it was my most memorable part of the museum, so soak up all the sprinkles you can.

Wipe those sprinkles off your feet (and legs, I forgot about those and had sprinkles on my legs for the majority of the day), and get ready for the next fun thing! Moving forward, you'll wind your way through an outdoor area filled with pink walls and palm trees.

Find yourself in the next exhibit in the museum: the super cool, retro, ice cream parlor called Bunns Shake. Once again, there's an unmistakable pink theme going on here.

Wait your turn for a freshly made chocolate sundae to reach you on its own conveyor belt!

This was my favorite ice cream treat in the entire museum. Don't forget to take a boomerang in front of the huge "Shake Your Bunns" wall mural with your buddy.

Scarf down that sundae, and make your way back outside, up a magical pink staircase and down a short walkway. The next room you'll find yourself in will have you going bananas! It's a tropical, pink (of course) jungle filled with palm trees, a banana swing, and chocolate covered, frozen banana treats.

Stroll through another pink, outdoor walkway to the next room... which is a little bazar (wait, I think every room is, right?) Lines of ice cream cones fixed with propellers line this room.

Me and my bestie, Lauren! Taking this tour together was insanely fun, and we made memories together that will last forever. Can't wait to look back on this day years from now and have a few laughs!

Onto the next. Enter a pretty pastel pink room that is fairly empty besides a couple acrylic tables and some large refrigerators lined up against the wall.

You know when you're enjoying a nice, big bowl of ice cream on a hot summer day? And it melts so fast that you get a pool of ice cream at the bottom of the bowl? Well, the MOIC took that concept and made their own Melted Ice Cream treat. Manufactured in little pink paper boxes, I was having flashbacks to my elementary "milk break" days.

Take a sip of your melted ice cream, get an insane sugar rush, and then move onto the next fun exhibit.

This next exhibit featured life-size, candy building blocks and samples of mochi ice cream balls. There were huge bins filled with the building blocks that you could stack however you please. The mochi was really good, too!

I ate my mochi ice cream so fast, I forgot to take a pretty picture of it 😂 Choose from a variety of flavors including strawberry and mango.

Finally... make your way all the way to the rooftop for the last stop!

Before you head outside to get some awesome South Beach views, grab an ice cream cone, featuring the "flavor of the day," which just happened to be key lime pie for me, yum! I was also getting really full at this point, so I was actually happy this was the end of the road.

On the rooftop, you will find a "popsicle cave," completely filled with fake popsicles hanging from the walls and ceiling. There are also life-size gum drops to stand on, and a gigantic game of shuffleboard. Spend some time up here playing, taking in views of the beach just across the street, and soaking up some South Beach sun!

Bottom line: if your best friend comes to you with a crazy (but reasonably safe) idea, you should try it! Shoutout to my bestie for taking me to the Museum of Ice Cream AND taking lots of great photos for my blog! I couldn't quite capture all the fun and magic this place offers into my blog, so you'll have to go experience it for yourself. Not to mention, it'd probably be a great idea to plan a warm trip somewhere with this awfully cold weather we are having in the mid-west. That's all for now, happy Friday, and enjoy your weekend!

-Golden Girl

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