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Wearing White Just Right

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"You can't wear white after Labor Day," right? Nooo! I could never imagine what it would be like to take all my beloved white pieces out of my wardrobe. As you may have noticed, I LOVE wearing white. In fact, I do it almost every day. Not to mention, my closet would be looking pretty bare in the fall and winter months if I followed that silly "rule". That said, I do have to transition my white outfits once fall rolls around. Here's a couple pieces of advice to make your white outfits "just right".

1. Boots and Belts

Trade in your lovely open-toed sandals for some tall, cognac colored boots, and voila! All of a sudden your outfit has way more dimension and darker tones that make it less summery. Throw on a matching belt, and you've added even more of a fall-themed color palette to your look.

I love this Tory Burch reversible belt. One side is brown and in a second you can flip it over to be black! Here's a link: Tory Burch Reversible Logo Belt

Knee high boots in a cognac or dark brown are a great contrast to white jeans. Find some great priced boots like mine here: INC Riding Boots

2. Cold Weather Accessories

Add a white hat, scarf, and gloves to your outfit on a chilly November day. Here are some gorgeous, white accessories on my wish list that I've linked for you. Also, if you're thinking about holiday gifts already, these would be just fantastic.

One Last Tip...

Some of you might be thinking, "I love wearing white when I have an awesome summer tan!" If your skin's feeling a bit dull or flushed, a little glow from The Glow Lounge might lift your spirits. They do a fantastic job at creating that natural, summer glow year-round for their clients.

-Golden Girl

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