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Molly's Muse No. 9: Holi-DIY Gifts

This past weekend, I received one of my favorite magazine subscriptions in the mail--my Martha Stewart Living November Issue. Martha's magazine is a goldmine for like, everything! Recipes, interior design, decor, travel, skincare...she has it all. I especially love the November issue because she starts to roll out her holiday inspired gift ideas.

This year, she included some awesome DIY gifts--I loved her ideas so much, I thought I'd give them a try! (With my own personal touch). I've rounded up some cute and simple gifts for you to experiment with. Oh, and I can safely say I am now a disciple of fabric stores--I could spend hours looking through all the different prints and textures. Enjoy!


Holi-DIY Scrunchies

Check out Martha's Tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

Golden Girl Tips:

  • Source your Fabric: I decided to go with a silk that is gentle on my locks. I went to JoAnn Fabric and found reasonable silk for about $8/yard.

  • For XL scrunchies, use a 7 X 24 inch piece of fabric. For regular, I went with 4 x 22 inches.

  • I used 7 inches of elastic instead of 9 inches.


Holi-DIY Headbands

Here's Martha's Step-By-Step instructions...And here's my tips!

Golden Girl Tips:

  • The headbands I used were from Target!

  • I used bigger pieces of fabric to make it easier to wrap around the headband: 2 X 14 inches, and 9 x 24 inches.

  • The fabric glue did not want to hold, so I switched to my hot glue gun and it made a huge difference!


Holi-DIY Small Gift Wrap

With my extra fabric, I was able to wrap to give my holiday gifts with a subtle, classy touch.

I love this soap set from Wren House, it smells so good! And you can get the bars monogramed if you wish.

Wrap it up with some festive ribbon--I love this whole line from Target called Sugar Paper.


Holi-DIY Wine

When in doubt, gift a bottle of great wine. I wrapped these up with some of my silk fabric, some holiday twine, and popped the cutest gift tag on from Dogwood Hill--you need to check out all of their holiday tags and paper accessories!

Here's some amazing wine & spirits that make for a lovely gift:

Happy DIY-ing to you, if you have any questions just drop me a note! I think I'm ready to pull out our sewing machine and finally learn how to use it. But, there's something therapeutic about hand-sewing these hair scrunchies...especially with the Christmas tree lit and a little fire going. Happy Holidays!

-XO Molly

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