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Golden Girl's Valentine Gift Guide

Since Valentine's Day is just a week away, I put together a little gift guide for some inspiration! If you're like me... you haven't quite gone out shopping just yet, but at least your conscious that this lovely holiday is approaching us! So, here's a five gifts for your honey bun, gal friend, or whomever you're going to spoil on Valentine's Day!

1. Not Your Average Diamonds

Pear cut basket set pendant starting at $140! Shop their V Day sale! Click photo for link.

Diamond Nexus is a company based out of Wisconsin that makes lab grown diamonds. I personally own a bunch of their jewelry, and I absolutely love them! The diamonds are perfect and cost significantly less than a mined diamond.

Love their little bound bracelets for stacking, as well... so much on their V Day Sale so check it out 😘

2. Buy Some Local Chocolates

Truffle gift boxes start at $42. Click photos for links.

I love finding small, local chocolate shops because it feels way more personal than just scooping some Reese's Cups at the grocery store 😉 These truffles are from a shop in Wayzata (Minnesota), L 'More Chocolat, and they specialize in handmade truffles!

How cute are these? Also... a prosecco flavored truffle?! Oui!!! 😍 Click photos for links.

3. When In Doubt, Buy Champagne (flutes)

I love these vintage champagne flutes from Crate & Barrel! ($11 a piece) Actually, this entire line is so cute... click photo for link.

You may as well go ahead and buy a bottle of Champagne and throw a bow on it while you're at it! Check out this crazy blue champagne I found...😍

For only $18 you can find this champagne at many local liquor stores. Click photo for link.

4. Fun Photos of You + Yours

I love gifting photos with me and my friends, family, and loved ones! These picture frames from Anthropologie are so fun and will add some life to any space ($24-28) and this one is particularly perfect for Valentine's Day. Click photo for link.

5. Faux Flowers Forever

Receiving flowers is so fun and sentimental! This year, mix it up and get some faux flowers that will last your lovey forever... this rose and mums bundle from Pottery Barn is actually so gorgeous! ($59) Click photos for links.

Take it a step further, pick out a gorgeous vase and make a small arrangement. Voila! A picture perfect gift that will last a lifetime. Click photos for links.

Most importantly, I think a handwritten card is the best gift EVER. I always keep my cards I receive because they mean more to me than a stuffed animal (well, that's a close call) or a sparkly bracelet.

-Happy Valentine's Day from Golden Girl!

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