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Inside Golden Girl's Suitcase: How to Travel in Style

There's a lot of planning that goes on when I travel, especially before my trip even begins: figuring out where/when to go, booking a flight, transportation lodging, etc. I also take plenty of time to carefully map out my outfits! I lot. I consider myself a lover of fashion, a "fashionista", and like to be very conscious of my outfits for several reasons.

Knowing that South Beach is so colorful and rich in Art Deco, I chose to wear lots of white with vintage inspired details during my trip there a couple weeks ago! Photo taken at the Museum of Ice Cream by Lauren Wagner.

One, I am usually planning photo-ops every day of travel so I can share them with you! Two, it feels very chic to dress accordingly to the location and/or culture that I'm visiting. And finally, it makes me feel really organized on my trips and I don't have to spend so much time thinking about outfits to put together while I'm saving time!

Here are my THREE true and trusted tips to traveling in style with a perfectly organized suitcase ..Enjoy!

1. Research Where You are Going

When I figure out where I'm taking my next trip, I like to do some research (even if I have already been there.) This is the most fun! I like to use magazines (Travel + Leisure, Conde Nast), Pinterest, and find inspiration from fellow bloggers to plan outfit ideas that harmonize with my own style. I appreciate fashion, especially those that can adapt their sense of style to their surroundings... it's very impressive in my eyes. My research includes:

  • History/Culture: What's the history of the city or country I am traveling to? What kind of culture trends does this place have? Wikipedia comes in handy for some these questions...but, I also enjoy reading travel guides from some of my beloved travel bloggers for up-to-date tips and ideas.

Jacey Duprie (Damsel in Dior) is one of my favorite bloggers. She is the epitome of traveling in style, and writes intriguing travel guides about many places around the world.

For example, if I'm traveling to Palm Springs, I can find out there's a long history of movie stars that enjoy going there, so there's definitely a Hollywood influence on the culture. Also, it's in the desert, so there are a lot of neutral tones in the landscape as well as pops of color from the gorgeous desert flowers and plants.

  • Climate/Temperature: I research to see what the weather is supposed to be like at the time of year I am traveling, and then even closer to departing for my trip, I'll check the local weather again to see if anything has changed. Also, think about where you are going... for example, if you're going to the desert, it is usually hot during the day but dramatically cooler at night.

  • Current Events: You never know what events or festivals may be going on in a certain city, so I always like to look into current events as well! Especially around holidays, it could be fun to attend a local gathering, and even more fun to be dressed accordingly.

2. Plan Your Outfits

This step is so crucial. Although it is very time consuming, it has been so extremely helpful for me! This is how I plan my outfits in advance:

  • Make an Outfit Schedule: I literally take a notepad, and write down each day that I will be traveling. I break down each day into what I think I'll be doing, and how many different outfits I will need. A lot of days I spend traveling are broken up into daytime "fun" events and nighttime formal events, so I need a completely new outfit.

Also, include accessories like sunglasses and jewelry. Finally, don't forget things like workout outfits, poolside outfits, hiking outfits, skiing outfits, etc!

  • Take Photos: After I have my schedule, I start planning each outfit for each day. Once I think I have an outfit, I physically put it on, and take a picture of myself in a mirror. I analyze the outfit and make any changes that I want. Then, I take a final photo and write down every thing I am wearing onto my outfit schedule.

Making interchangeable outfits saves you LOTS of room in your suitcase, and is also really convenient for travel outfits.

3. Organize Your Suitcase!

After I compile each outfit, I fold everything neatly and compactly, and place the "compilations" into my suitcase. This way, I don't forget anything.

SteamLine Luggage makes elegant suitcases for every genre of traveler. A suitcase like this can give a sophisticated touch to your travel outfits! ...I am drooling over this saddle and white one.

Having a well organized and folded suitcase allows me to take full advantage of the room I have, which isn't much because I almost always travel with just a carry-on suitcase (I know I'm crazy, I just hate waiting in baggage claim!). But, I also carry a mid-size "travel bag" that has my laptop, makeup, headphones, wallet, etc I'm not that crazy ;-)

Being a stylish traveler can take time to acquire, even if you're a fashionista at home on a daily basis. We can't pack our entire closest with us (unfortunately), so that's why I included some of my packing hacks for you, as well. I feel like I could go on and on about traveling techniques, but I also understand everyone has their own individual packing quirks. There's also those last-minute trips that we don't have much time to plan for (those are always an adventure!). Thanks for following along, and safe travels this Easter weekend to you all!

-Golden Girl

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