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Molly's Muse: No. 1

Hello, September! It was 44° when I woke up this morning...WHAT. I'm a lover of fall and absolutely everything included in this glorious season, but like, seriously Mother Nature? I just need a few more of those perfect low-70 degree days with my light sweater and maple lattés, please!

Okay, so this is the FIRST official edition of my weekly series in which I will delight you with random things I'm obsessing over. It's very exciting, I know. But hey, you might find some stuff to muse over too. And maybe, we can even share a moment of solidarity over the new maple caramel coffee creamer from Target that I found for you to love just as much as I do.

I'll keep it short and sweet. Some travel things, but also some non-travel just to spice it up a bit. Enjoy

Plan Your Fall Leaf Peeping Visit (North Shore Style)

I know I'll probably be making the 4.5 hour drive up to our cabin this fall to do some good, ol' leaf peeping! I like to think that late September and early October are usually prime times to go, but just check North Shore Fall Colors to stay updated. My favorite place to go is the Gun Flint Trail, which starts in Grand Marais. (Honeymoon Bluff Hiking Trail has a great look-out.)

I'm Obsessed With This Wine Company

A customer of mine that I met this summer works for Scout and Cellar, and I have become a full-on disciple. I just ordered their new wine "mixable," which is a wine that acts like a liquor, and can be used to create all my favorite cocktails! How sweet is that? Message my friend, Cari to order yours: @cariswinecellar

A New Club I Joined This Month

I found P+P Creative Club, a woman-based group for entrepreneurs and creatives, through one of my favorite blogs, Palm Beach Lately. (You should follow them, too). There's a bunch of amazing women here, including the founder, Gen, who puts together monthly events and speakers to help you grow your dreams and your business.

I want This fallBlazer

So, J McLaughlin launched their September collection today, and all I can say is that if I were a blazer, this would be me. Yep.

Let's Go Camping... Kind Of

I came across this company last year (I think?) and am dying to visit one of their resorts! Their property in Utah (Amangiri) looks jaw-dropping-ly PERFECT. It's obviously not camping in any way (oops), but I like that it's very natural, open and nature-based. Like, who wouldn't want to lay outside and stargaze every night here? They also have a property in Jackson Hole, another place at the top of my Travel List.

-XOXO Molly

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