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Molly's Muse No. 13: Positive Energy

As the new year kicks off to an unexpected start, I find it really important for myself to focus on positive thoughts and keep moving forward. That's my inspiration for this week's Muse...positivity! I'm talking about down-to-earth, real, authentic things that truly make life BETTER. That said, I decided to write down a list of all my "happy things." It looked a little like this:

  • Traveling/Planning

  • Eating/Cooking

  • Shopping/Fashion

  • Self-Care/Growth

It's not easy finding new activities or things to do every week, especially when our weeks tend to become redundant because of our current state of pandemic. I hope any or all of these "happy inspirations" can help motivate your routine this year and get you feeling a little extra happy this week :) Enjoy!


Plan a Dream Trip

This Christmas, I gifted my boyfriend his very own National Parks Pass--it's only $80 for the entire year. The pass is great because there's an abundance of parkland (and I've only been to a few!) Now, it's time to start planning! The best part is, I don't even have to know when we'll go. This "dream trip" will happen organically, but I will most certainly be prepared for the day we set off to hit some parks. *I really want to make it to Glacier National Park!*


Learn A New Recipe

One of my goals for 2021 is to learn how to make sushi. I love this little sushi kit from Amazon! Spice up your weekly dinners by having sushi night with your very own creations. Don't forget the saki :)


Shop a Great Sale

I've always believed in retail therapy--but doesn't it feel better when there's a sale? Yes! My ultimate fashion muse, Tory Burch, just happens to be having her winter blow-out sale right now. Find a few goodies to add into your wardrobe, and still have some cash leftover to treat yourself to a nice little bottle of wine or dessert :)


Grow Your Mind

Just this week, I signed up for an amazing (Virtual) Summit that's being held in February. My creative muse, Meredith Hanson, posted about it and is also speaking at it! The For Now Female Founders Summit is all about marketing, creativity, and growing your business. I simply cannot wait for February 17th...bring on the inspiration!

Wishing you some extra love and happiness this week. My plan is to find something special this weekend to do, treat myself to something I love, and take some extra time to just rest. Have a great weekend and see you next time!


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