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Molly's Muse No. 14: Perfect Travel Sweaters

Whether you're driving 5 hours to the North Shore for a weekend getaway or jetting down south to warm up, there's one very important thing all winter travelers should have: a great sweater! Speaking from someone that's always cold (can you relate?) I must always have a sweater with me (or on me) when I'm heading out the door in these chilly winter months.

I've rounded up five fabulous sweaters that will keep you chic, cozy, and happy during your travels this season. Even if you're just heading out to run some errands...these sweaters will not disappoint your wardrobe!


The Puffer Cardigan

Moncler has designed a very clever cardigan to keep you extra cozy. The wool sleeves and down-filled core are excellent for those bitter cold travel days...

Plus, you'll look oh-so chic without freezing.


The Lux-Letic

One of my favorite luxury athletic lines is from Tory Sport. Tory uses her beautiful and classic designs and turns them into high-quality athletic wear for any sport.

I love this hoodie because of its cute chevron pattern and pretty color palette.


The Quilted Pullover

I love this quilted pullover for a few reasons--and trust me, it's a great travel sweater. I own a few and wear them all the time. I love that you can layer it very easily, it's SO comfortable, and it's still a very put-together look no matter where you're on-the-go!


The Polo Sweater

Another great "layering" sweater choice. It's great to layer-up when you're traveling so that you can always take off pieces as needed. I know when I get off the plane in Florida from Minnesota, I'm happy to have a lighter layer under my sweater(s)!

This striped polo sweater is really adorable and a great staple for your wardrobe. Polished yet casual, this sweater looks like you're going to have a great vacation somewhere fun!

Available from another one of my favorite East-Coast brands, Tuckernuck - $128


And, last but not least, I almost always have my Ellsworth & Ivory sweater with me. I love collecting their signature knits; they are so comfortable and cute. The Lake Minnetonka Sweater is my favorite! :)

Happy Friday to you! Have a wonderful winter weekend.

Oh--don't forget to swing by Light Up The Lake tonight if you're in Wayzata!


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