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Molly's Muse NO. 17: Memorial Day Weekend Guide

And just like that, one of my favorite holidays is upon us: Memorial Day! I've always enjoyed this American holiday, as it truly marks the beginning of summer for us all. Things around the lake are sure looking like summer already; boats and docks are mostly in and I've already enjoyed several boat days. This year will keep with tradition, as we make our way up north to Madeline Island (located on Lake Superior, part of the Apostle Islands) for the holiday weekend. It's my absolute favorite little place to unwind and celebrate.

Madeline Island, Lake Superior

I've rounded up some goodies to inspire your holiday weekend as well!

On the list: the newest addition to my Lake Sweater Collection to keep you cozy at night, a new dining hot-spot in Wayzata, a beautiful dress to add into your weekend wardrobe, my favorite "clean" makeup brand I wear, and a lovely (and insanely delicious) dessert to serve your dinner guests (and yourself!). Enjoy and have a great week, friends :)


just in: wayzata sweater!

The newest member of the Lake Sweater Collection is the Wayzata Sweater! In a beautiful dark blue with ivory lettering. It feels good to finally create a sweater that represents my hometown. Don't forget to pack a Lake Sweater along with you, whatever your weekend plans may be. Golden Girl Travel - $100


The New Girl in Town: Josefina

Josefina just moved into Lake Street (the old Bellecour space) and is serving up some impressive dishes. They've added a large pizza oven, another bar seating area, and some homemade pasta to enjoy. Take a peek at their cocktail menu, as they offer some very unique options. *Pro-tip: grab a spot at the bar and enjoy the casual "lounge" vibe, perfect for date night.


Holiday Dress Up

I fell in love with this adorable Sail To Sable dress as soon as I saw it in their latest spring launch! The stripes have actually a chevron pattern in them, and they're a gorgeous shade of navy. The dress is a nice, thick fabric that will keep you warmer in the evening. And how can you not love the lace detail? Stripe Bell Sleeve Dress - $188


Protect & Glow Your Skin

Last year, I refreshed my makeup routine and started using this CLEAN line of products from Ilia, a brand I found in Martha Stewart Living. They do an excellent job creating makeup that is good for your skin, while also protecting it from the sun (my biggest goal!) I love that they used science to create products that aren't all "natural", but made with clean and safe ingredients. *Personal faves: Super Serum Skin Tint (SPF 44), the Multi Stick, and True Skin Concealer.


Serve Up Some Smiles

I made this dessert last summer and it was a HIT. Truthfully, it was dug into before it even made its way into the fridge to chill :) ...It tastes even better after chilling in the fridge overnight! The best part is that it is SO easy to make. Thanks to the Today Show for sharing the recipe online! Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding Recipe

Thanks for following along, have a great week!

-Golden Girl XO

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