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Molly's Muse: No. 5

It's officially OCTOBER! I'm loving the crisp fall air, my pumpkin spice coffees, and I'm starting to sprinkle fall decor all over the house. This week's lineup features: a fall hot air balloon ride, an Ina Garten cozy dinner recipe, the masks I've been wearing for travel, and easy Halloween costume inspiration. But first, a little briefing of my past week's adventures:

I spent this past week in The Keys and Fort Meyers Beach...and it was hot! It has been three years since I'd visited Key West, I can't believe it... feels like I was just there last year. Anyway, this time we stayed at a resort rather than our boat. The Casa Marina is a Flagler hotel that boasts everything Old Florida, and was built to host the most wealthy of guests from all around the country that would arrive there on the Flagler Railroad. I greatly endorse checking this grand resort out for your own winter retreat!

Stillwater hot air balloons

Something that's been on my bucket list for years, and I hope to cross off soon! A fall hot air balloon ride down the St. Croix River. There are a couple different companies I've found in Stillwater that will take you up on their balloon for a leaf-peeping tour down the river (they both offer private tours): Aamondt's Balloons and Stillwater Balloons.

Ina Garten's cozy recipe

The Barefoot Contesta AKA Ina Garten, is one of my favorite chefs. She makes the coziest foods, and films all her shows at her most charming South Hampton home. I've enjoyed making her insanely mouth-watering crispy potatoes, and now have a new recipe that fits the bill for cozy night dinner: easy tomato soup & grilled cheese croutons. I also love this recipe because she has revamped the traditional grilled cheese sandwich and transformed it into totally chic!

favorite travel masks

There's a new learning curve to travel this year, and a new accessory: the mask. Finding a great mask to travel in is really important to me because it's going to be on my face for hours at a time. Things I look for in a great travel mask: super lightweight cotton, bendable nose pieces, size/shape, and honestly a mask that will look great with whatever I'm wearing. I found these organic cotton masks at Anthropologie, and have found them to cross off all my boxes.

Halloween Tees

Need a quick and cute Halloween costume? Etsy has a bunch of really cute T-Shirts this year, making it really easy to assemble a great outfit. I particularly enjoyed this "Frequent Flier" t-shirt as a travel blogger :) Find more here!

-XOXO Molly

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